"Dylan Dog: Attraverso lo Specchio" Data Formats

General information

Usually data files have this format:
when <number> is 0 the file should be an index with additional metadata.

Directory A

It should contains animations.
Format unknown

Directory D

Content Unknown

Directory E

Contains (medium) image files.
Format partially reversed.

Directory F

Contains Fonts.
Format unknown

Directory G

Contains (small) image files, like mouse pointers, balloons, characters' avatars, inventory icons.
Format partially reversed.

Directory I

Contains (big) image files, like backgrounds and scenery.
Format partially reversed.

Directory N

Contains Music.
Format unknown

Directory P

Contains installer/piracy check stuff.
Format unknown

Directory X

Contains conversations and scripts. Files are named with three chars:
  • <??> -
  • <??> -
  • <language> - "E" contain English data, "I" Italian.

Format reversing started, see Opcodes